About Us

Omni Strength brings everything you need to every workout. The environments are safe, the people in the group are friendly and enjoyable. No two workouts are ever the same and fun everytime. You will leave feeling great after every workout session. The trainers and coaches will teach you proper form and technique for every exercise. Teaching and demonstrating stretches at the beginning and end of every workout to help maximize flexibility and minimize injuries.

Program Choices Include

– 1 on 1 or Private Group training sessions are available

– Strength and Conditioning classes

– Kettle-bell classes

– H.I.I.T. classes (High Intesity Interval Training)

– 6 Week Free Challenges CLICK HERE FOR 6 WEEKS FOR FREE!

– 12 Week Challenges

– Omni Strength Training Certification program

    Omni Strength ABOUT US


    Daily workouts  Omni Strength Gym located at 4405 Towner Ave NE, Albuquerque, NM 87110. Special programs and off-site workouts will be posted at the facility for participating members

    • Appropriate and comfortable workout attire
    • Plenty of water
    • Towel
    • Great attitude!

    We will always try to accommodate and adjust or change the movement to help you complete the daily workout. No matter age, weight, size, gender or ability, we will make it work for YOU!

    Training will vary every day. Workout intensity will gradually increase so the group can advance together. Demonstration, instruction and training will include kettlebells, barbells, sleds, medicine balls, sledge hammers, tires, battle ropes and much more! Omni Strength is always evolving to make each challenge and workout better!

    We always encourage everyone to wear something comfortable. We ask that you wear clothing that is modest and appropriate for all ages. For women we recommend shorts and sports bras. For men we recommend shorts. If you wear the recommended clothing, you will be sure to see more in the end result pictures. The pictures will be taken by a professional photographer and will NOT be shown to anyone without your consent.