Testimonials KACY, 22

KACY, 22


Before my first Challenge, I was overweight and so unhappy with the way I looked and felt.

When I started my first challenge, I didn’t really know what to expect. But as the weeks went by, I quickly started to gain knowledge of how to exercise and what foods would best fuel my body. I felt very welcomed and really enjoyed how supportive the other challengers were of me and each other. I became more and more motivated and, before I knew it, at the end of my first Challenge I had lost a total of 30 pounds!!

I’ve participated in every Omni Strength Challenge since and have always had great results. Every time I’ve dropped weight, lost body fat, and gained muscle. Overall, my weight is down about 55 pounds! I look back today and cannot believe how unfit I used to be. If it weren’t for the Challenge, I would still be living that unhappy and unhealthy lifestyle.

Coach Mikey and the other trainers have taught me so much about fitness and nutrition. My confidence has gone from zero to 100%! I am no longer embarrassed of my weight, and instead of dreading and being afraid of going to the gym to work out, I look forward to it. I never thought I could do it and don’t think I could have if I hadn’t joined my first Omni Strength  90 Day Challenge. It has completely changed my life and I’m so happy to be part of this program!


10 years ago, I was completely lost when it came to fitness. I had tried many trendy “yo-yo” type diets and exercise programs that were short lived or unrealistic to maintain as a lifestyle; it was really difficult to make any progress. My fitness journey really began 4 years ago when I had learned more about diet and exercise and once I started to see the results, I was hooked. I had become a regular gym rat and loved lifting weights and continued to learn as much as I could about nutrition.

When I met my girlfriend Darla, she had just finished in 1st place on her 3rd Omni Strength 90 day Challenge. I had been looking to mix up my routine, and she couldn’t stop telling me how great the program was. We ended up signing up in the beginning of August 2015.

The workouts were fun and the coaches were great. We had other friends that eventually joined us, plus we made a lot of new friends as well. The coaches not only made us break a sweat with great workouts, but offered diet plans and were always there to answer any questions. They even held presentations by guest speakers that gave us all the tools we needed for success. It was very affordable and supported some great local charities as well. The Challenge was a great big part of my success in my journey.

When it was over, I hired Coach Mikey as a personal trainer for the next 8 months to take my diet and exercise to the next level. We ended up sweeping 1st place in the Mid USA NPC Championships for the middle weight division!

Joining The Omni Strength Challenge was a crucial step towards my overall progress in reaching my goals and I wouldn’t be where I am today if I hadn’t.

Testimonials NATHAN, 37
Testimonials SHARON, 60


At my son’s wedding 11 years ago, I wore a size 12 dress. When they got the wedding photos back, I was shocked! I asked my son, “Is that what I look like?”

So, I found Dr. Joseph Perea. He helped control the weight by putting me on his Pink Diet, and by balancing my hormones and thyroid. After losing more than 40 pounds, he told me that it was time to get fit. He told me about a program he’d been involved in since the beginning called The Omni Strength Challenge.

My first Challenge was in 2013 and I barely made it through the first night. I really struggled the first few weeks and don’t think I could have done it without the support of the amazing coaches and other Challengers. They helped me hang in there and finally gather enough strength to carry me to the end of the Challenge.

What I love about the Challenge is that not only do you lose weight and look great, but you get strong! I like to ride horses, and strength is extremely important.

Joining the Omni Strength Challenge has been one of the best things that I have every done for myself and I have the coaches and other members of the Challenge to thank. I feel great and I’m in the best shape of my life. I’m now doing personal training with Coach Mikey and we are working on taking me to the next level.


Two years ago, I weighed 230 lbs. My cholesterol was very high, which worried me since I have a family history of heart disease. I had a crummy diet and I was taking multiple medications daily. I since have completed three Omni Strength 90 Day Challenge programs with and I lost a total of 30 lbs. The program is wonderful; I gained muscle, lost body fat, but best of all my Dr. took me off all my medications! I felt and looked great.

Recently I decided to take my fitness to the next level, so I hired Mikey as my personal trainer. We began training five days a week with the end goal being to compete in a fitness show. Mikey is very knowledgeable, encouraging, and quite humorous! He pushes me to do better each week and makes improvements to my diet plan as needed. I have dropped more weight and continue to put on even more muscle. Seriously, I’m in the best shape of my life at 194 lbs., and at the age of 62!!

Thanks Mikey for a lifestyle change and helping me to reach my goals.

Testimonials BRUCE, 62
Testimonials CAROLYN, 57


My husband and I had been at Defined Fitness for over 20 years and I was so bored with my workouts and classes. I was attending less and less and gaining more and more weight.

A friend of mine suggested Omni Strength 90 Day Challenge, so I figured I’d try one of their free sessions. I loved it! My daughter and husband also signed up with me. The three of us loved our first challenge and had great results. I lost 10 lbs., my husband lost 20lbs., and our daughter lost 30lbs. All in 90 days!

After attending the next challenge in January 2015, I began attending classes at Omni Strength with Coach Mikey and continue to this day. Doing the 90 Day Challenge twice a year keeps me in check! I’ve loved each Omni Strength Challenge I’ve been a part of not just because I lost weight, but because they are so much FUN. I am stronger than ever and I feel I continue to gain strength with each workout. My arms have more definition and all my clothes fit!

I am proud to support this wonderful program that has forever changed and improved my life.